Nice Airport launches winter sun flight to Cyprus’ Larnaca

For travellers seeking an enchanting blend of history, culture and natural beauty, the new direct flight from Nice Côte d’Azur Airport to Larnaca opens the door to a captivating Mediterranean adventure linking the charm of the French Riviera with that of Cyprus.  

Larnaca, with its roots dating back three thousand years to the city-kingdom of Kition, stands as a living proof to the historical interchange between the East and West. Today, it has evolved into a dynamic city, welcoming visitors through its international airport and serving as the main gateway to the Republic of Cyprus. 


For those eager to embark on a journey to a country full of ancient wonders and untamed landscapes, as well as modern vibrancy and charming villages, Cyprus Airways stands as the sole airline offering a direct Nice-Larnaca flight. 

Until 28th March, the airline will be operating two non-stop flight routes per week, on a Tuesday and on a Thursday, from Terminal 1. The flight takes around three hours and forty minutes.

Upon arrival at Larnaca International Airport, passengers find themselves in the only terminal. To reach the city centre, there are three options: taking a convenient and affordable city bus, opting for a readily available taxi for the 15-minute journey or choosing a hired car from the conveniently located desks for extensive island exploration. 

Discovering Larnaca: a city of authenticity and warmth 

Larnaca, though home to Cyprus’ largest airport, retains all its authenticity and warmth of yesteryear. It is also the ideal base from which to head out and explore.

Whether you’re drawn to the historical wonders, the sea and sunshine, unspoilt nature or chilled urban living, Cyprus is calling! 



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Photo source: Secret Travel Guide, Unsplash