NMNM explores the influence of art on filmmaker Pasolini at new exhibit

The intersection of art and film is to be explored at the new ‘Pasolini en Clair-Obscur’ – or ‘Pasolini in Chiaroscuro’ in English – exhibition at the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco’s Villa Sauber, which will be opened to the public on 29th March. 

The exhibition will be delving into how classical and contemporary painting influenced the cinematic portfolio of Pier Paolo Pasolini, as well as how his work as a filmmaker was intertwined with his fascination for painting.

Although he was primarily recognised as a writer, Pasolini gained worldwide fame through to his unique contributions to cinema, which featured influences from the Baroque to the modern. His truly individual approach was rich in art references and he loved sets to be decorated with artworks.

Exploring the legacy of Pasolini

The very name of the ‘Pasolini en Clair-Obscur’ exhibition takes its inspiration from the chiaroscuro technique, reminiscent of Baroque art, that featured prominently in Pasolini’s black and white films. It demonstrates his innovative use of celebrated art pieces, such as those by Caravaggio, as dynamic elements in his movies, either transformed into ‘living paintings’ or seamlessly integrated to capture their essence in cinematic moments.

The ‘Pasolini en Clair-Obscur’ exhibition at the Villa Sauber will run until 29th September. Photo by Monaco Life

Demonstrating Pasolini’s deep ties to the art world, the exhibition will also reveal more about his interactions with Francis Bacon and his collaborations with Fabio Mauri. It provides a comprehensive look at Pasolini’s diverse outputs, including his films, poetry and essays.

The exhibition will run until 29th September. Access to the Villa Sauber on 17 Avenue Princesse Grace costs €6 and the site is open daily from 10am to 6pm. During the summer months, these hours are changed to 11am to 7pm.

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Photo by Monaco Life