No Finish Line returns with new format

Runners and walkers participating in this year’s No Finish Line race can choose between circuits as they try to cross the 400,000-kilometre barrier, getting fit as they raise money for a good cause.

The 22nd edition of No Finish Line is ramping up to be one of the most exciting ever. A new, more flexible format is allowing participants from all over the world to take part, whilst those closer to Monaco can choose to take on the challenge of the 1,140 metre course set up in Fontvieille.

An incredible 12,000 participants are expected to take part, ranging from world-class athletes such as the Roca team’s recent returnee Yakuba Ouattara, to the occasional walker, all of whom will be doing their bit to raise money for Children & Future who aid in projects geared toward helping disadvantaged and sick children.

The race will take place from 13th to 21st November and will feature an added event, The Nocturne No Finish Line 21 Special, which is a mini-race within the race from 9pm on the 18th to 9am on the 19th. A limit of 100 participants can join in with the goal of covering 10,000 kilometres overnight, boosting the numbers in the last hours of the race.

The idea behind No Finish Line is the same as in year’s past. For every kilometre run or walked, €1 is raised for the association. The circuit runs 24/7 for eight straight days and nights and can be done as a group, through a company, or even as an individual.

Since 1999, the year of the first No Finish Line, the objectives, both in terms of the number of participants and the number of kilometres covered, have continued to grow, positioning this race as one of the most important charitable events in the Principality. In total, there have been 147,867 participants who have covered 4,010,835 kilometres raising €4,337,652.

Registration for the race is open and can be made on the website, from now until 10th November. Sign-ups can also be done in person by visiting the Chapiteau Fontvieille from 13thNovember at 2pm. The cost is €13 for adults, and €6 for kids under 10. There is also a refundable €10 deposit for the chip used to record the number of kilometres raced during the event.

For off-site participants, the Nofinishline app can be downloaded from the Apple Store to obtain the chip. It is also available for android users.

To keep all racers safe, a health pass and valid identification, such as a passport or identity card, are required. Masks are not compulsory whilst taking part in the event.

Photo credit: Palomba