No Finish Line surpasses 300,000km goal to end in triumph

As the 2023 edition of the No Finish Line charity race came to an end over the weekend, organisers announced that the ambitious goal of reaching 300,000 kilometres had been matched and considerably surpassed.  

It was a stellar outcome by all accounts for this year’s No Finish Line. As the last walkers and runners came to a halt after 183 hours of constant motion, the organisers of the annual charity race were able to tally up the final total and found that they had gone way beyond the goal of reaching a collective 300,000 kilometres in eight days. 

Young or old, running or walking, the collective effort of nearly 10,500 participants helped No Finish Line smash the ambitious goal set for the 2023 edition. Photo credit: André Faure

In the end, the 10,428 participants, including Prince Albert II on 16th November, racked up an astonishing 315,561 kilometres, which is nearly 64,000 kilometres more than the amount recorded in 2022.  

As the rules of the race stipulate, for each kilometre run or walked, €1 will go towards financing some 20 different projects that benefit sick and disadvantaged children in the Principality, in the nearby regions and around the world.  


From members of the public to representatives from the government and the Grimaldi family, everyone is welcome to participate in No Finish Line, including the most competitive sportsmen and women of society. 

This year was no different, and there were some standout performances by a number of athletes. 

In the end, the Prince’s Cup was given to Daniele Juan Alimonti, who achieved an incredible 927 kilometres over the eight days, with a daily average of almost 116 kilometres. He stood first place overall, but was closely followed by Cédric Chaudet with 900 kilometres and Franck Derrien with 801 kilometres. 

The top placing men of 2023’s No Finish Line receiving trophies for their astounding efforts. Photo credit: André Faure

The women’s top spot went to Mimi Chevillon with 767 kilometres. She also came in as the fifth runner in terms of distance. Second place amongst the ladies went to Paola Coccato, who finished with 593 kilometres, and Annick Fouchard-Djebli took the third spot with 528 kilometres.  

The winning team was Run for Céline with 11,919 kilometres. In second was Barclays Monaco and Fight Aids, who ran a combined 10,730 kilometres, while third place went to Special Olympics Monaco with 10,560 kilometres. 

The top three female participants contributed close to 2,000 kilometres to the final tally. Photo credit: André Faure


The 24-hour race, which was included in the French Athletics Federation calendar of off-stadium races, took place from 9am on 18th November to 9am on 19th November. 136 runners signed up as individuals or in teams and completed a combined 11,760 kilometres.  

The Roca Team’s Captain, Yakuba Ouattara, who was the event’s VIP sponsor, took to social media in the aftermath of the event to congratulate all who took part.

“The 24th edition of [No Finish Line] is coming to an end and we achieved the goal of 300,000km thanks to you and all the efforts you have made this week,” he said. “Well done and thank you to all participants, walkers, solo team runners and to all the volunteers and partners without whom the event would not have taken place.” 

The Roca Team joined in on 18th November by completing multiple laps of the circuit around Monaco. Photo credit: No Finish Line


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Photo credits: André Faure / No Finish Line