No more late nights out

Bars and restaurants in Monaco have been ordered to close by 11.30pm under a new range of restrictions announced by Minister of State Pierre Dartout on Friday evening.
The announcement follows a decision by the French government to put the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes department under a strict 9pm curfew.
“Even if the situation in Monaco is less worrying than elsewhere, I must tell you that it remains serious,” said the minister of state during a broadcast address to the citizens of the Principality.
“Today almost all of us know someone who has had to self-quarantine or who is or has been diagnosed with the virus,” he continued. “This shows very clearly that the virus is actively circulating. We are in the second wave.”
The minister revealed that the incidence rate in Monaco is 81.58 per 100,000 inhabitants, while in the Alpes-Maritimes the incidence rate is 153.
“This is why the 9pm curfew is justified in France, but it is not justified, for the moment, in Monaco,” said the minister. “What is worrying, however, is that this incidence rate has doubled in one week.”
As a result, the Prince’s government will be tightening restrictions in the Principality, effective Saturday 24th October and lasting until 1st December.
Bars and restaurants will have to close at 11.30pm and meal reservations will be mandatory. Tables will be limited to six guests, and meals at high standing tables is not allowed.
The government will further strengthen checks to ensure establishments are complying with the rules.
Meanwhile, the Monte-Carlo Casino will be closed from midnight.
Sports activities will be restricted once again, including the suspension of all “combat sports” apart from professional games, and amateur sports trips outside of Monaco will not be allowed.
Finally, the number of passengers on CAM buses will be limited, however there will be an increase in frequency during rush hour traffic to compensate for the limitations.
Financial assistance
To support affected businesses and employees, the government is maintaining support measures such as the CTTR (Reinforced Total Temporary Unemployment) and reductions in social contributions.
“And of course, as you know, the Princely Government is deploying an ambitious recovery plan to the tune of €75 million, approved by the National Council, to support our economy,” said Pierre Dartout.
The restrictions will be evaluated and discussed regularly at the Joint Monitoring Committee in conjunction with the National Council. “Any new measures which may be necessary will be submitted to the Sovereign Prince,” said the minister of state.
Gatherings with family and friends
According to the government, one in two Covid infections occur during extended family gatherings.
While not wanting to “intervene in the private sphere” because “Monaco is a country of freedoms”, the minister said the government strongly recommends people avoid large gatherings with friends and family, adding: “It’s about taking care of yourself and the people you love.”
Citizens are also advised to avoid unnecessary travel in regions heavily affected by the virus.
Residents from the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var who travel to Monaco for work and who are affected by the 9pm curfew will need to carry the appropriate French document which cites travel for professional reasons.
For Italian employees, it will be possible to cross the Alpes-Maritimes to reach Italy with the same French travel certificate.
Health system
The minister of state said Monaco’s hospital and patient care infrastructure is “efficient and ready”, adding: “Since the start of the crisis, our health policy has enabled us to ensure an effective response from the hospital by avoiding congestion.”
He also thanked the health professionals, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, laboratory assistants, and pharmacists who have been mobilised for several months “to ensure the best care in the face of this virus which is not yet fully known and for which there is still no vaccine.”
Covid testing
The minister said the Principality continues to expand its testing capacity, which is currently 1,850 per week. “Proportionately, we are among the highest in Europe,” said the minister, revealing that 1,400 PCR tests carried out last week.
Since the return of school, 648 tests have been undertaken returning two positives.
Photo © Monaco Government Communication Department / Manuel Vitali