November is Operation Stop Smoking month

Operation Stop Smoking returns for the fourth year, challenging smokers to kick the habit and start living healthier lifestyles.

The challenge set forth by the Prince’s Government and the French Ministry of Health offers support and handy tips on how to stop smoking during the month of November, and encourages a sense of camaraderie amongst those wishing to stop. Success rates are shown to be double that of those trying to quit on their own at other times, due partly to a sort of “misery loves company” scenario, but also because a programme such as this offers hands-on encouragement and advice on how quitting smoking impacts quality of life in positive ways.

“Our role is to support those who have the will to stop smoking to help them achieve this important project for their health,” said Didier Gamerdinger, Minister for Social Affairs and Health.

As part of the initiative, the Princess Grace Hospital and the Department of Social Affairs and Health is distributing free kits to help those who want to cut cigarettes from their lives. They are available at local pharmacies.

There are several approaches to assist in assuring a successful outcome, including speaking to a doctor about drugs that aid in stopping smoking, using nicotine substitutes in the form of patches and gum, and apps that help keep people on track.

Running has also proven to be an effective way to quit. Researchers have tested a programme dubbed ‘Run to Quit’, which encourages running in groups with a coach and being tracked by a smoking cessation specialist. With a success rate of over 90%, the plan clearly works and so again this year, Dr Mohammed Mouhssine, a therapist specialising in quitting the habit at Princess grace Hospital, will be present at No Finish Line to help runners break the habit.

With all the support available, it should be easy to decide to give up smoking, but for those needing more convincing, there are the health concerns that go along with smoking. Cancers of the lung, mouth and oesophagus are the most common and most deadly, as well as the negative impact on memory, reasoning and learning, earlier menopause in women, and lower life expectancy. Cutting out cigarettes can prolong not only life, but can make that life a healthier one.

This is one time when being called a “quitter” is the highest compliment there is.

For more information, go online at or call 39 89 to speak to someone who can help.