Officials tour newly renovated and extended Les Mélèzes residence building

Local ministers and councillors have signed off on the latest addition to Monaco’s National Housing Scheme: 14 new state-owned apartments in the renovated Les Mélèzes residence building on rue Plati next to the Grand Ida construction site.

Members of the Monaco government, including Finance and Economy Minister Marco Piccinini and Equipment, Environment, and Urbanism Minister Céline Caron-Dagioni joined National Council President Brigitte Boccone-Pages, and other councillors for a visit to the government-owned building Les Mélèzes on 25th January.

The building underwent significant renovation in 2021 and 2022, as well as an extension, allowing for the building of an extra 14 apartments designated exclusively for Monegasque nationals.

The tour was an opportunity for the delegation to inspect the quality of the renovation of the entrance hall and common areas, and to visit the recently delivered apartments.

Initially, the building underwent renovation with the aim of improving its energy balance and fire safety systems, as well as providing better comfort for its occupants. The implementation of external thermal insulation combined with window replacement was accompanied by a transition in heating methods, initially from fuel to gas and then to the urban hot and cold network.

The building is now less energy-consuming and the apartments are better insulated thermally and acoustically.

Meanwhile, practical improvements were made in the standardising of mailboxes, the installation of an elevator from the entrance of the building, access to a garbage room compliant with sorting requirements, the installation of a videophone, and balcony lighting.

In a second phase, two floors were added to the building, providing an additional 14 apartments.

“It constitutes an innovative and unprecedented solution for a government operation in that the housing units are composed of factory prefabricated modules, unlike traditional methods, transported and assembled directly on-site,” said the government in a statement.

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Photo source: Government Communication Department