Oil leak at land extension site

A biodegradable hydraulic oil leak was discovered Wednesday 26th June aboard the OMVAC8, one of the ships involved in the construction of Monaco’s ambitious €2 billion extension project.  

© Directorate of Communication – Michael Alesi

Teams from Bouygues TP, the Division of Maritime and Airport Police (DPMA) and the Department of Maritime Affairs (DAM) were immediately called to the scene to contain the spill, which equalled roughly 80 litres of oil.

Twelve boats were called to the site to aide clean-up efforts and the entire area was confined. With the exception of a small amount oil which had leaked outside the confinement zone, and which was quickly removed the following morning, the crews were able to decontaminate the spill zone in less than 24 hours.

The place where the accident took place is the site of Monaco’s new 650,000 square foot extension, which, when completed, will accommodate up to 1,000 new residents, add a 30 berth marina and will be created as an eco-friendly district, in compliance with the wishes of HSH Prince Albert II, who is an avid environmentalist.

Monaco staged a mock-oil spill less than two weeks ago to test the responsiveness of emergency crews.