Olga Sinclair launches her ‘Life in Motion’ exhibition in Monaco

olga sinclair

As part of Monaco Art Week and continuing for the next month, the Kamil Art Gallery is hosting a solo exhibit by Olga Sinclair, an artist from Panama City who has been described as a “pioneer of abstract expressionism”.  

The artist – and the daughter of famed painter Alfredo Sinclair – is exhibiting her work in the Principality for the very first time thanks to support from the Embassy of Panama, her home nation, and Monaco’s AMLA (Monaco Latin American Association), which had the pleasure of co-organising the vernissage of ‘Life in Motion’ and giving the artist a personal welcome to the Principality with a private lunch at Le Méridien Beach Plaza on Tuesday 4th July, as part of Monaco Art Week. 

“The title of the exhibtion is exactly how I see my life,” Sinclair told Monaco Life at the opening of her show. “My life is always in motion… I am living now in my eighth country, Venezuela. Every time I have to move, I have to adapt myself to a new culture, but, at the same time, I have my own Panamanian history and feelings for my country. This [sense of] movements create colours, and the colours create sensations…” 

This is what directs her signature style: taking inspiration from her ever-changing location and setting. 

“Life in Motion offers an unprecedented selection of her most recent abstract paintings that exalt movement and life,” says the curators of the exhibit. “Sinclair’s paintings capture figures and elements through a vivid palette inspired by her many travels between the tropics and Europe. Colour and form, worked through bold brushstrokes, become movement and create a remarkable sense of energy, celebrating life and the natural world.” 

66-year-old Sinclair is as busy in her philanthropic life as she is as an artist. Through the Olga Sinclair Foundation, she has worked with more than 80,000 children worldwide, sharing with them her own deep love for art and creativity.  

“Life in Motion echoes the career of the artist, constantly moving between different continents, active and committed to children through her FOS Olga Sinclair Foundation,” add the curators.  

The exhibition formed part of the Kamil Art Gallery’s contributions to Monaco Art Week, which formally wound up on Sunday 9th July, but will be continuing to welcome and entice the public until Friday 4th August.  

Visit it for yourself by heading to the Kamil Art Gallery on 3 Avenue Princesse Grace, which is open every day from 10am until 8pm. 

Click on the images below to see more from the vernissage…


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Photos via AMLA / Facebook