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Online bookings for vehicle inspections

Online bookings for vehicle inspections

By Cassandra Tanti - February 3, 2021

Organising a vehicle inspection, or Control Technique, just became a lot easier in Monaco with the launch of an online booking service as part of the Extended Monaco program.

The initiative falls in line with the government’s aim of introducing new online procedures to simplify the daily lives of Monegasques, residents and professionals.

Four months before the expiry date of a Control Technique, the vehicle owner will receive a letter in which three alternatives are offered: Return a detachable payment slip by mail with a cheque; Go to the Vehicle Technical Control Centre to make an appointment and pay directly; Or connect to This last option offers several new services including the ability to select a time and date for an appointment according to availability, make payments online, and an email or SMS reminder about the appointment.

“11,000 technical inspections are carried out on average each year at the Vehicle Technical Control Centre,”revealed Aurélie Peri, Head of the Traffic Permits Department. “The launch of this new tool allows us to offer a more personalised service to owners of vehicles registered in the Principality who will have visibility over all the available options and, without having to travel, will be able to choose the one that suits them best and modify it in a few clicks if necessary.”


Photo source: Pixabay


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