Only workers to justify movement in Monaco

Monaco is not applying the same strict movement controls on its citizens as France, however people working in the Principality are now required to carry with them ‘professional justification’ forms to be signed by their employer.
Following a national address by Prince Albert on Tuesday evening, Interior Minister Patrice Cellario has clarified Monaco’s new measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
Speaking on the government’s Facebook page Wednesday morning, the minister said that movement throughout Monaco must be restricted to only “essential” trips – those required to buy food, to offer assistance to family members, to visit a doctor or pharmacy, to take dogs for a walk, and for individual exercise.
The key difference between the measures imposed by Monaco and France is the fact that people will not be required to carry a ‘reason for movement’ form with them when they leave their homes. Police will therefore not be issuing fines for people who do not comply.
“In the Principality, unlike the decisions taken by the French authorities, we do not require the production of a self-declaration for each individual,” said Mr Cellario. “We are a small territory, we believe that a call for responsibility by residents and Monegasques is sufficient for everyone to realise the need to ensure that the transmission barrier of this virus is respected by all.”
However, it is mandatory for people moving throughout Monaco for work to carry with them a ‘professional justification’ form. It applies to residents of the Principality as well as those crossing the border to work in Monaco. The document can be downloaded here and must be authorised by an employer.
Patrice Cellario stressed that trips from France to Monaco should be “almost reserved for business”.
Meanwhile, police will be performing checks to ensure large gatherings of people are not taking place and travel is limited to what is strictly necessary.