Opening of Monaco’s first summer pop-up restaurant

Popular delivery and click & collect eatery Mezze Kitchen now has a brand new pop-up restaurant for summer so lovers of their delicious modern Lebanese cuisine can enjoy a sit down meal featuring all their favourite dishes.

Three passionate chefs, Riccardo Giraudi, Maxime Giaccardi and Albert Hahas, came together this year to offer fresh, yummy Lebanese dishes for lockdown-starved patrons looking for something a bit different than the usual fare of frozen pizzas or endless leftovers.

The concept was a catered-only set-up offering click & collect or delivery options only. This was fine during the lockdown, but now that life is slowly returning to normal, the trio decided to add another dimension to their dining experiences, namely the opening of a pop-up restaurant on Rue du Portier, which will serve up all the same exquisite fare, but give diners the option to eat out.

The dishes are authentic as well as delicious and include such wonders as a Fattoush Salad that features croutons made of Lebanese bread, a beetroot Mouttabal is a visual as well as culinary hit with its pretty pink colour, Makanek sausages are glazed with a sweet pomegranate molasses sauce, and beef Shawarma tickles the taste buds with its spices and grilled onions.

Meat-eaters will adore the Mousakhan rolls with pulled chicken, Shish Taouk chicken skewers or ground beef and lamb Kafta, whilst vegetarians will go crazy for the roasted cauliflower with roasted almonds.

Desserts include classic baklava, a selection of uniquely flavoured ice creams or, for those looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Mouhallabiyeh, an orange-blossom infused creamy mix of milk and cream with just enough sweetness added.

Lunch menus can be had for €22 and include choices such as the Mezze Bowl, or a selection of cold mezes and grilled meats.

Mezze Kitchen still delivers as well, from Tuesday through Sunday, for both lunch and dinner.

Photo by Fabbio Galatioto – Mezze Kitchen