Orange weather alerts issued as heatwave bears down on the Riviera 

heatwave riviera

High temperatures are sweeping through the French Riviera and Monaco, with localised highs of a scorching 40°C.

It is hot. The Alpes-Maritimes and Monaco had already anticipated an orange weather alert in recent days, but now these areas have been joined by the Var, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Vaucluse, Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud. 

What to expect locally 

One of the most dangerous characteristics of this hot spell has been the exceptionally high nighttime temperatures. This Tuesday morning, Nice’s 6am low was 25°C while Cannes was only marginally better at 23°C. 

The worst of the heat will likely be over by Thursday, but until then, residents and tourists should be prepared for considerably elevated temperatures.  

Daytime temperatures in the Alpes-Maritimes are expected to reach 33°C on the coast and an even higher 35°C in land, but localised peaks of 38°C are to be expected.  

It will be hotter still in the Var, with 30°C to 34°C on the coast and 37°C to 40°C in the interior of the department.  

Three daytime records were set in PACA and Corsica on Monday 17th July, with Quenza and Bocognano in Corsica hitting 37.7°C and 35.2°C respectively, while temperatures reached 34.6°C in the mountain village of Saint-Etienne-de Tinée in the Alpes-Maritimes.   

Whilst these high temperatures continue, people are being encouraged to: stay indoors in the hottest parts of the day; drink plenty water; wear loose, light-coloured clothing; and to check in on any vulnerable friends or neighbours.  


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Photo source: Christian Harb, Unsplash