Orchestre des Carabiniers releases album featuring musical adaptation of poem written by Prince Rainier III

A project initiated by members of the prestigious Orchestre des Carabiniers du Prince in 2022 has culminated in the launch of a brand-new yet deeply sentimental four-sided double album.

The Orchestre des Carabiniers du Prince, which was founded in 1966 at the behest of Prince Rainier III, formally presented the album at the orchestra’s annual gala on 7th March, but now it has been released in part online, allowing fans of the Principality the world over to enjoy the heady mix of military, ceremonial and touchingly nostalgic music.  


Recorded at the Palais Princier by Syde & Sound Paris and mixed at the Ferber Studios in Paris, the album comprises four discs, each dedicated to distinct themes and styles.

The A-side of the first album celebrates Monaco’s ceremonial military music, while the B-side pays homage to the country’s traditional heritage.

The second album features a Prince Rainier III tribute on its A-side and contemporary selections from the orchestra’s 2024 repertoire on the B-side.


The Prince Rainier III tribute includes compositions from the Prince’s lifetime, notably a musical adaptation of a recently discovered poem by the Prince, entitled Piccola Citta, that was unearthed in the Palace archives by Major Olivier Drean, the orchestra’s leader, and performed during the recent gala as a world premiere.


The album cover, designed by Niçoise artist Anthony Alberti, known as Mr One Teas, encapsulates the essence of the military unit through a myriad of materials and objects representing the Carabiniers’ motto: Honour, Loyalty and Dedication.

The album cover was designed by Mr One Teas. Photo source: Monaco Communications Department

The double album is not intended for sale, but a portion of the album can be listened to here.

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Main photo credit: Cédric Bernard