Organic cooking workshops

Going to the supermarket doesn’t have to be a drag. Every Saturday from now until 8th February, start-up Storeez is offering organic cookery classes at Carrefour Monaco to teach customers how to make healthy, and tasty, food choices.
As part of its ‘Act for Food’ initiative, Carrefour is offering these classes as a way to educate the public on the advantages of better eating practices. The main goal of the project is to show people why organic produce is a good option, as well as to teach consumers how to turn the raw materials into culinary delights that will make the whole family ask, “What’s for dinner?”
This is not entirely new for the supermarket chain. Last year, 11 of the region’s Carrefour markets had these workshops, with a total of 130 organisd events. An estimated 5,000 people attended, and the success spurred them to continue and expand the program in 2020.
During 20-minute sessions, topics such as food waste, preparation of fruits and vegetables, seasonal eating and gluten-free and vegetarian recipes will be presented by chefs, dieticians, and nutritionists to teach consumers new ways to look at food and food choices.
The ‘Act for Food’ programme was started by Carrefour to highlight and support farmers who have gone ‘bio’, as well as to educate consumers on the benefits of growing and eating cleaner foods, both for individuals and for the environment. The end result, they hope, is that there will be higher-quality foods at reasonable prices available to all.
Photo source: Pixabay