Orthodox icons exhibition

The Cathedral of Monaco is hosting an exhibition of extraordinary embroidered icons in conjunction with the Russian Consulate.
From 13th February to 3rd April, the Cathedral of Monaco will be showing a series of embroidered iconic images made available by the Prikosnovenie Workshop in Moscow. The works of art have deep roots in Russian Orthodox Church history. They are lovingly hand stitched with embellishments of gold thread and precious stones and were primarily used as encouragements for soldiers about to go into battle or heading off to military campaigns.
Embroiderers of Russia are world-renowned and many can be linked to the great families of Russia, including representatives from princely and czarist families.
This great art is being revived almost single-handedly by Natalia Gorkovenko at the ‘Prikosnovenie’ Workshop (touch in English). She is one of the first people in modern Russia to become interested in making creations using this art form. The workshop’s pieces are becoming highly valued by collectors and churches with exhibitions being launched all over the world.
Since a successful exhibit at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in 2012 where more than 40 of these sacred iconic images were displayed as modern art, their popularity has continued to increase, spurring similar shows in the USA, Paris, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece and, of course, Russia.
The works are hauntingly beautiful and clearly painstakingly created, with each bead, stitch and jewel hand sewn “just so” so as to create these modern day masterpieces for us all to enjoy.