“Our attitude and courage makes us kings, not our social status”

Monaco Life speaks with award winning Producer Valentina Castellani-Quinn, who will be presenting her new film ‘Polo’ at this year’s Cannes Film Festival alongside her work with the CC-Forum Monaco.
Valentina Castellani-Quinn announced the production of the film at the recent CC-Forum in Dubai, revealing a new story that revolves around the so called “sport of kings”, but highlights that “our attitude and courage is what makes us kings, not the sport or our social status”.
The film is produced by Quinn Studios Entertainment and Nereides Group, in partnership with the Royal Arab United Emirates.

“With this film, I want to create a bridge between Hollywood and the Middle East, bringing the high quality standard of Hollywood film-making with the professional technology and structures of the Emirates… quite a powerful combination,” Ms Castellani-Quinn told Monaco Life.
‘Polo’ will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival this July
In addition to being Chairman and CEO of Quinn Studios in Hollywood, Valentina has partnered up with Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon to become Global Media Officer for the Parisian conglomerate Nereides Group and its divisions based in Place Vendôme.
Together, Valentina Quinn and Prince Nereides De Bourbon are developing a series of projects including two powerful documentaries, titled ‘The White Snake’ about Native Americans, and ‘The Albinos in Africa’.
“I like to go into dark places and open them to the world,” said Ms Quinn. “There is such beauty in turning on the light and helping those who need it most. They define you and expand you, and you can define and expand them.”
‘The White Snake’ will be narrated by Native American Chief Arvol Looking Horse who led the fight at Standing Rock, the Indian Reservation that is the site of the controversial Dakota pipeline.
“What happened at Standing Rock is an important tale to tell,” said Ms Quinn. “It was humanity against technology. The protests spoke loudly to the world about the importance of respecting the planet and the environment but, more importantly, to remember who we are as human beings, resonating together as one with the planet, with each other, and our soul. New technologies are out there that have proved successful in other countries that will ignite a new ‘system’ which beats in harmony with the heartbeat of the planet.”
With Quinn Studios Entertainment, Valentina embarked this year on a new initiative, co-producing the sustainability-focussed business initiative the CC-Forum with its creator Max Studennikoff. The forums take place each year in Dubai, Monaco and London.
“I love working on this new initiative, bringing a touch of Hollywood and the entertainment business to the forum,” said Ms Quinn. “I’m working with Max to expand the forum in a more kaleidoscopic way, involving sport and entertainment, health, education and social impact projects. The Monte-Carlo Forum is reflecting this new vision.”
Top photo: Valentina Castellani-Quinn, Cate Blanchett and Prince Nereides De Bourbon