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22 Covid cases 24 July, 9 hospitalised, 3 in ICU, 101 home monitored, 2,617 recoveries, 33 deaths, 156 incidence rate, 63% eligible population vaccinated

Over 12s called up for vaccination

Over 12s called up for vaccination

By Cassandra Tanti - June 13, 2021

Teenagers are now eligible for vaccination in Monaco as the government pushes to inoculate as much of the population as possible, which currently stands at 55%.

In its weekly communication on Friday, the government revealed that 18,836 people in Monaco have received at least their first vaccination, equivalent to 49.12% of the population. When taking into consideration the fact that young children have not actually been invited to have the shot, that figure increases to 54.7% of the eligible population.

Of those, 15,129 have also received their second shot, equal to 80.32% of people vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the government on Friday opened its vaccination programme to those aged over 12 years, just ahead of France which is doing the same from Tuesday 15th June.

But how many kids are likely to be allowed to take the jab?

According to social media, the response from mothers in Monaco is mixed.

Some consider it unnecessary given the fact that the risk of Covid in children is low, while others say it will help their children build up resistance against the variants and that it will help with herd immunity.

The overwhelming opinion, however, is that most parents will seek advice from their GPs before moving ahead with the vaccination.




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