Over 1,200 cancer specialists meeting in Monaco

The Grimaldi Forum is welcoming the 15th Monegasque Cancer Biennial in January where doctors, researchers and professors will come together to talk about the latest advances in oncology, haematology and pharmaceuticals.

Cancer is a major killer. It is the leading cause of death for men and second leading cause for women with one in two men and one in three women being diagnosed with the disease by the time they are 85.

For 30 years, Monegasque Cancer Biennial has brought together French-speaking health professionals to present and assess all the advances in patient care, diagnostics, therapeutic treatments and available screening and treatment technologies to help those with cancer survive and thrive.

In January, more than 1,200 doctors, professors, students and researchers will converge on the Grimaldi Forum, offering 76 scientific workshops and talks to professionals in the field.

“The Monegasque Cancer Biennial is the major meeting place for our specialties,” says Professor of Oncology Xavier Pivot, President of the Biennial. “It provides an update on the state of our progress in all disciplines and to disseminate knowledge as widely as possible on the means of the fight and the evolutions to come, against cancer. It is a place of exchange where knowledge is shared and alliances are formed to create the conditions for greater therapeutic effectiveness.

Professor Pivot, who is also Managing Director of the Paul Strauss Centre and Administrator of the Regional Cancer Institute in Strasbourg, reveals that “This year a very large place is given to recent advances in biotechnology. They increase the innovations in our arsenal of patient care, such as the conjugation of cytotoxics to specific therapeutic antibodies. The first members of this family have already shaken up our therapeutic strategies. The Biennale will make it possible to take stock of the new possibilities offered by these biotechnologies.”

The 15th Monegasque Cancer Biennial will be organised by Publi Création with the support of AFISM and under the aegis of the Scientific Centre of Monaco and the Princess Grace Hospital of Monaco, and will cover a vast array of cancer-related topics including cancers in the elderly, paediatric cancers, breast cancer, medical imaging, sarcomas, radiotherapy, and haematology.

The event will be held from 26th to 29th January 2022 at the Grimaldi Forum. All health measures must be adhered to for entry. Streaming sessions will also be available and can be found on the event’s website at https://biennalecancerologie.org/2022/ where more information can also be found. 


Photo source: Grimaldi Forum