Pancreatic cancer research gets a boost

GEMLUC, a group of Monegasque companies dedicated to aiding in the fight against cancer, have donated a whopping €140,000 to the Scientific Centre of Monaco (CSM).

Since 2016, GEMLUC has, as part of an ongoing five year agreement, funded several pancreatic cancer research projects including a research publication which has been published. It has put Monaco and CSM on the international stage as crusaders in the fight against this dreaded disease.  

GEMLUC’s history in Monaco spans 40 years and has generously donated more than €2 million to the Princess Grace Hospital and the Lacassagne Centre, a cutting edge cancer facility located in Nice. The group is also sponsoring two galas this year, the International Contemporary Art Contest, from 17th to 27th September and the Gala of Hope on 23rd October at the Automobile Club of Monaco.