Pass’Sport Culture returns for half term holiday

The wildly popular Pass’Sport Culture programme was such a summer hit, the government has decided bring it back for Monaco’s young people to enjoy during the upcoming half term break.

The Department of National Education, Youth and Sports-run series for residents and school children of the Principality between the ages of 11 and 25 offers a vast array of activities that suit every schedule and preference.

Whether it is trying a hand at scuba diving, climbing, fencing, circus performing, muay thai, bowling or parkour and free-running, or attempting more intellectual pursuits such as learning about archaeology or trying to get out of an escape room, there really is something for everyone.

Young people can book on their own or with friends, and each adventure is tailor-made to make new discoveries, meet new people and create new memories.

Pass’Sport Cutlure registration is now open for the Toussaint break and requires a €20 fee, which makes the child or young person a member and entitles them to access all activities. Space are limited, so early enrolment is recommended.

Sign up forms are available online at:

Alternatively, they can be picked up from the National Education Information Centre at 18 Avenue des Castelans between 9:30am and 6:30 pm.

Written by Stephanie Horsman