Paternity leave extended for fathers working in Monaco’s private sector 

paternity leave monaco

New fathers working in the private sector in Monaco can now enjoy the same period of paternity leave as their contemporaries in the public sector following a unanimous vote in favour of the move by the Conseil National. 

On 28th November, a month after the No.1083 bill promoting the extension of paternity leave for workers in Monaco’s private sector was tabled, the Conseil National voted unanimously in favour of the motion.  

The move brings the private sector into line with the paternity leave accorded to fathers working in the Principality’s public sector, which was similarly extended in 2022.  

New fathers will now be able to access 21 consecutive calendar days of guaranteed paternity leave, up from 12 previously. For multiple births – twins, triplets or more – fathers can now spend up to 28 instead of 19 consecutive days at home with their families. This also applies to families who are welcoming their third or more child.  

Brigitte Boccone-Pagès, the President of the Conseil National, welcomed the update to the law, calling it a “progress” for “work-life balance”.  

Although all councillors were in agreement with the adoption of Bill No.1083, there were reportedly comments made by some on the need to establish a similar law for independent workers as well as make it possible for fathers to divide their paternity leave into two or more time periods.  


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Photo source: Nathan Dumlao, Unsplash