Pattie Boyd Collection shatters expectations, fetches €3.3 million in record-breaking Christie’s auction

The Pattie Boyd Collection offered by Christie’s online has realised over seven times the pre-sale high estimate, selling for a total of €3,291,639. The hottest item – original artwork chosen by Eric Clapton for Layla.

The unique collection captivated hearts and imaginations around the globe, providing a remarkable window into the private world of the celebrated model, muse, photographer and icon.

The sale, held from 8th to 22nd March, was led by the original artwork chosen by Eric Clapton for the cover of Derek and The Dominos 1970 album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs which sold for €2,307,968 – 33 times the pre-sale high estimate – after a prolonged bidding battle. The artwork was originally acquired by Clapton from the son of artist Frandsen De Schomberg during a 1970 stay at the artist’s home in France, when the guitarist was struck by the resemblance to the similarly blonde-haired Pattie Boyd.

“I am completely blown away by the enthusiasm of international bidders for these special treasures that I have always loved,” said Pattie Boyd. “I am so happy that new hearts will now enjoy them, as they enter into their next ‘chapters’. I am lucky that my life today continues to bring me joy and different adventures – I would encourage people to follow their passions and live their lives with gusto!”

‘Layla’, Pattie Boyd Collection. Photo source: Christie’s.

A handwritten love letter by Eric Clapton, ‘Dearest L’, that was urgently mailed to the Harrison home around the same time that he wrote his famous ode to unrequited love, Layla, fetched €125,093.

Of mice and men, a handwritten love letter from Eric Clapton in 1971, realised €139,810, while photographs of The Beatles in India, 1968 sold for €61,811.

Other lots included a handwritten Christmas card by George Harrison, a handwritten love letter by Eric Clapton in 1970, and a Karl Lagerfeld painted silk wrap skirt.

“The outstanding results of this landmark auction are a real testament to Pattie Boyd, model, photographer, muse and icon,” said Adrian Hume-Sayer, Director, Private and Iconic Collections and Head of Sale, Christie’s London. “Making over seven times the pre-sale high estimate and setting an auction record for original album cover artwork, the sale highlights the unique way that Pattie Boyd, George Harrison and Eric Clapton continue to captivate the world – both individually and collectively. This sale documented a pivotal moment in social, cultural and music history. Pattie Boyd continues to be a true inspiration.”

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Main photo of Pattie Boyd courtesy Christie’s