Pelagos Sanctuary goes digital with new immersive conservation experience

The Pelagos Sanctuary has collaborated with Monaco-based Metaverse specialist DWorld to create a new digital tool to get the word out on marine protections. 

The Pelagos Sanctuary, created through the Pelagos Agreement, a tri-country pact between Monaco, France and Italy to protect marine mammals in this part of the Mediterranean Sea, has long sought to educate the wider public on its missions and initiatives. Now, a new immersive and interactive experience that is being rolled out just in time for Monaco Ocean Week is making that goal ever more possible. 

The educational experience designed by DWorld hopes to “inspire people of all ages” and share the Sanctuary’s ethos on the importance of marine conservation with people around the world. 

It combines interactive storytelling with a strong message about the challenges and difficulties of managing the 87,500sqkm protected zone on a daily basis.  

“The Pelagos Agreement is particularly attentive on communication and awareness-raising actions,” says Viola Cattani, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Pelagos Agreement.  “The ambitious Metaverse project fits in perfectly with the objective of raising awareness, particularly among the younger generations, for the conservation of the Pelagos Sanctuary and the protection of its inhabitants. This area, in fact, belongs to all and as such everyone can and must do their part to preserve it. But to protect it, you have to know it!”  


The content will soon be available on the Pelagos Agreement’s website and will also be circulated in schools near and far from the Pelagos area. 

“The Monaco Metaverse offers a unique opportunity to transcend geographical boundaries, create new collaborative opportunities between local Monegasque entities and engage audiences in meaningful ways,” says CEO of DWorld Manila Di Giovanni. “Through this collaboration, we aspire to ignite a sense of stewardship for our oceans and inspire future generations to become advocates for marine conservation.”  


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Photo credit: Vincent Jacques, Drone de Regard