Photos: Monaco Ambassadors Club celebrates the spirit of Christmas with intimate gala at the Hôtel de Paris

An exquisite evening celebrating family and friendship was had by all who joined the Monaco Ambassadors Club at its annual Christmas gala in one of the Principality’s most magnificent venues.  

The stunning Salle Empire at the Hôtel de Paris was the backdrop for the Monaco Ambassadors Club (MAC) Christmas gathering on Thursday 7th December.

Decorated specially for the occasion with festive green and red accents under a theme of “classical Ralph Lauren”, it was a beautiful sight that was brought alive by the heartwarming combination of cheer and joviality.

Special partners 

Monaco Life was among the privileged partners of the evening, which included Barclays Private Bank Monaco, as well as Bourgeois Bohème Fintech, a payment platform founded in 2018 to address the needs of high-net-worth individuals with “a profound commitment to enhancing lives and redefining financial stewardship”. The company, which has established a new partnership with MAC, was represented by Willi Würms and his family.  

Monaco Life Publisher Eric Brundage joined MAC President Christian Moore on stage during the event to extend a “Happy Holidays” message to all who had turned out in their finest for the special occasion. 

Barclays Private Bank Managing Director Gérald Mathieu, Monaco Ambassador Club President Christian Moore on stage with Monaco Life’s publisher, Eric Brundage. Photo courtesy of MAC, credit: Alena Borodina

Other much-appreciated partners included Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo, which was represented by Vladimir Usachev and Marina Nespor, and Le Roi de Caviar. Both companies provided gifts for the MAC members and their friends.  

Special attention was also given to corporate member Paulo Ribeiro of Plenia Travel, which will be the “travel agency partner” of the MAC in 2024, and VistaJet as represented by Yvette Caredes and Izzy Evans. 

“Incredible” live music 

One highlight of the evening was the “incredible” and “highly cultural” performance by Nikolai Kuznetsov, a former 2021 Monte-Carlo Piano Masters winner, who had been introduced to the MAC team by two soon-to-be members of the club, Raimund and Sophia Forster.  

“He is a true prodigy,” said MAC Secretary General Alessandra Sparaco of Opéra de Monte-Carlo musician Kuznetsov.  

Another high point for the club event was the official welcoming of three new members: Victoria Arkhincheeva and Mark and Marta Elborn.  

For more information about the Monaco Ambassadors Club and how to become a member, click here. 

See below for more photographs from the event:


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Photos courtesy of the Monaco Ambassadors Club and photographer Alena Borodina