Pierre Dartout discusses ambitious plans for urban and environmental transformation

In a comprehensive interview with Monaco Matin, Minister of State Pierre Dartout outlined the Principality of Monaco’s ambitious strategies to navigate the complexities of urban development, mobility, and environmental sustainability in an increasingly uncertain world.

“Building and construction will continue to be a source of revenue for the State,” Pierre Dartout told Monaco Matin in a recent interview, emphasising the vital role of real estate in sustaining Monaco’s economy. Post-2024, even without the new Mareterra district, the focus will be on projects that generate valuable VAT and remunerate the state.

By providing innovative solutions in waste treatment, Monaco aims to stay ahead in managing its environmental impact within its limited 2.2 km² territory.

Discussing the waste sorting and recovery centre, Dartout remarked to Monaco Matin, “This is not just an element of sovereignty… it is also necessary to ensure that Monaco is ahead of the curve in terms of waste treatment.”

A significant focus of Dartout’s interview with Monaco Matin was on mobility, both within Monaco and its accessibility from neighbouring regions. The proposed deterrent car park in La Brasca, which requires an agreement with France, signifies Monaco’s efforts to streamline transportation. This project, as Dartout explained, aims to ease access to Monaco and improve internal mobility.

Dartout also indicated ongoing plans to facilitate housing for civil servants and public employees, contributing to Monaco’s attractiveness as an employment hub. “We are currently thinking about an operation that could benefit civil servants and public servants,” he told the newspaper.

Dartout’s vision for a greener, more sustainable urban environment

Echoing Prince Albert II’s environmental convictions, Dartout emphasised the need for a greener Monaco. “The landscape is a little too mineralised,” he said to Monaco Matin, advocating for a revegetation effort and redesigning pedestrian paths to enhance Monaco’s natural beauty and biodiversity.

As Monaco faces future challenges, Dartout’s roadmap reflects a principality poised to blend urban development with environmental consciousness, demonstrating a model for sustainable and innovative urban governance.

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Photo source: Government of Monaco