Planning a trip?

If you are planning to travel throughout Europe but are unsure about border rules or what will be open for business when you arrive, then this new European Union website will come in very handy.
The new site, called Re-open EU, aims to take the guess work out of summer travel by giving people all current border statuses of the 27 EU member states. Excluded from the site are the United Kingdom and non-EU neighbours Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland.
The handy tool allows users to choose a country by either clicking on the map or by scrolling down the drop-down list. It then explains the situation regarding border controls in that particular country. It offers useful data such as whether outsiders can enter the country without limitations, if quarantine requirements are in effect, whether air, rail bus or car traffic is allowed, transit rules, internal movement restrictions and whether non-EU Europeans or foreigners will be granted access to the country.
It also gives recent information regarding the services available in the chosen country. Things such as restaurant, café and bar rules, whether beaches, parks, places of worship, museums, or monuments are open, if personal care facilities, such as hairdressers are available and if hotels are available.
Finally, it offers health and safety risks associated with the country, as well as what health measures must be taken on public transport, at restaurants and in public spaces.
The site can be found at