Polar adventures await at the Musée Océano this winter

From a photographic journey through the Arctic and Antarctic to an exhibition commemorating Prince Rainier III’s connections to the world’s oceans, there is plenty to learn and explore at the Musée Océanographique over the holidays and into the new year.  

The acclaimed ‘Polar Mission’ exhibition, which had attracted over a million visitors by 31st October 2023, is a full family-friendly immersion into the stunning beauty and fragility of the Arctic and Antarctic with five thematic spaces. This includes the vast interactive projection room that flits from one cold, snowy scene to another, offering a fascinating glimpse into the diversity of life at each end of the Earth.  

This polar theme continues with the ‘Poles, Fragile Worlds’ exhibition by renowned photographer Greg Lecoeur, which runs until 12th March 2024. The photographic journey explores the icy expanses of the Arctic and Antarctic, sensitizing visitors to the vulnerability of these ecosystems. 

Adding to the museum’s rich offerings is the new permanent exhibition called ‘The Prince and the Mediterranean’. It was curated in conjunction with the Prince Rainier III centenary celebrations and honours his deep connection to the world’s oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. 

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For an extra special experience, visitors can watch the daily feeding of the creatures in the museum’s biggest aquarium at 4pm on weekdays. Head to the shark tank on Level –1 to see it for yourself!  

There are also two Escape Games to be discovered at the museum over the holidays: one for children aged seven and up, and another for over 16s. Reservations can be made here

Other popular attractions include the ‘Immersive 360°’ virtual reality experience and the sensory coastline workshop, where families and groups can discover the richness of life living along the Mediterranean seashore.

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Photo credit: Musé Océanographique de Monaco