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Positive feedback from Monegasque companies on Telework

Positive feedback from Monegasque companies on Telework

By Staff Writer - December 11, 2018

In July 2016, after several years of negotiations with the French authorities, the Principality of Monaco set itself the legal arsenal necessary for setting up teleworking, thus creating a clear, framed and protective mechanism for both employees and employers.

In a survey of the main companies using this new way of working, the Labour Department gathered feedback from several of the companies.

copyright - Directorate of Communication / Manuel Vitali
copyright – Directorate of Communication / Manuel Vitali

For Didier BEYNET, Director of the SINGLE BUOY MOORINGS Group:

“It is wrong to think that teleworking does not allow control. On the contrary, teleworkers are available and more responsive to their daily production. They are eager to show their responsiveness.”


“Teleworking does not complicate meeting planning and does not require adapting work tools or adopting new tools. Teleworking does not interrupt the proper functioning. Moreover, we have easily gone from 1 day to 2 days of teleworking per week.”


“The trip gain is reinvested in the work and if that does not suit, the employee can decide to stop teleworking and thus go back.”

The Labour Directorate emphasizes: “The best balance between private and family life, the benefits on the reduction of fatigue and stress, and the positive image given by the use of this device to potential recruits.”

This meeting is in line with the desire of the Labour Department to continue to manage this system, both as regards the support of employers during its implementation and at the end of this phase, in practice. even within companies, in order to continue to guarantee the success of this new form of work organization.

The Minister-Counselor Didier Gamerdinger, supports this mode of exercise of activity. He said “I believe in it a lot”. As an extension of the actions of his predecessor, who signed the agreements with France, he said “I asked the Italian authorities to think together about the possibility of opening to the transalpine the possibility of teleworking.”

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