Pre-Christmas deals at Braderie de Monaco

Load up on pre-holiday deals at the 24th annual Monaco merchant clearance sale this weekend at the Chapiteau de Fontvieille.

From Friday morning until Sunday evening, thousands of items will be on sale, from men’s and women’s ready-to-wear pieces to sporting goods, home décor, and accessories.

Organised by the Union des Commerçants et Artisans de Monaco each year, the three- day event will feature flash sales and huge discounts on a variety of items just in time for holiday shopping sprees.

Maison Noir, ACM Boutique, Banana Moon, Carlo Ramello, Ekinsport, Moghadam, and Clo are amongst the many merchants expected to participate, as are new-comers Noblesse Oblige, Optique Grosfurez, Renew Your Style, Manufacture de Monaco, Garbarino Interior Design, and Boutique Retouches.

For the ultimate Christmas gift, Toyota Lexus of Monaco will also be on hand offering a selection of vehicles discounted by up to €7,550 for a Toyota and €17,280 for a Lexus.

There will also be catering on-site so no hunger pangs to slow down the shopping.

Entry is free and a valid health pass is required. Preferential parking packages are available in the car parks of Fontvieille, excluding the Fontvieille Shopping Centre and Parking de la Colle car parks.

For more detailed info on merchants and particulars, visit the event’s social media page at