Press gathers for 1st energy transition meeting

The government of Monaco has held its first information meeting with the press about the current situation regarding the Principality’s Energy Transition.

©Direction de la Communication – Stephan Danna

The event was held at the premises of the Mission for the Energy Transition (MTE) and was initiated by the Minister of State Serge Telle and Minister of Equipment, Environment and Urbanism Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, to recognise each quarter the different individuals or groups who adhere to the Principality’s energy transition.

The event brought together seven stakeholders from different sectors who were acknowledged for their efforts in the following categories: good practices in everyday life, achieving zero waste, committed restaurants, anti-waste approaches, sustainable constructions, alternatives to plastic in stores and energy transition in art.

“Whatever our sector of activity or our everyday habits, environmental issues encourage us to think about new ways to consume and live, where common sense is often in order,” said Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of the MTE. “In this energy transition, everyone, at their level, has their role to play.”

She also revealed that the National Pact had recently exceeded 1,000 members.