Primo Cup Trophée Credit Suisse results

Always traditional, whilst still keeping things fresh with new additions, the Primo Cup Trophée Credit Suisse is one of the racing seasons most anticipated events. This year’s saw two new classes added to the event, and it was exciting endings all around. 
The stats tell the story of success. A total of 450 sailors from 20 different countries racing on 100 boats in six different classes participated in this year’s Primo Cup. The regatta lived up to its reputation, with clothing from Slam awarded to the top three in each class.
The weather cooperated brilliantly. With plentiful sunshine, temperatures a pleasant 14ºC and winds ranging from 5-15 knots on calms seas, the crews will no doubt remember this regatta with fond memories.
Additionally, new classes were added to the race as announced by Yacht Club of Monaco General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri. “Alongside loyal regulars we welcomed two classes new to the event, L30 and Onefly. Every year, the Primo kicks off the season in the Mediterranean and we always aim for something new.”
The final rankings from each class are as follows:
J/70 :
1st: Mikhail Sheremetev (Elf) – RUS: 12 points
2nd: Nelson Mettraux (CER APROTEC-Ville de Genève) – SUI: 26 points
3rd: Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio (G-Spottino) – MON: 32 points
J/70 Corinthian:
1st: Charles Thompson (Brutus– GBR: 60 points
2nd: Cesare Gabasio (Tinnj70) – MON: 60 points
3rd: Stefano Roberti (Piccinina) – MON: 67 points
Smeralda 888 :
1st: Timofey Sukhotin (Beda) – MON: 8 points
2nd: Francesco Vauban (Botta Dritta) – MON: 10 points
3rd: Paolo Rotelli (Black Star) – MON: 14 points
Longtze Premier :
1st: Jarmo Wieland (Shensu) – SUI: 5 points
2nd: Franck Beat (Qi) – SUI: 7 points
3rd: Steffen Schneider (Outsider) – SUI: 13 points
L30 :
1st: Jonas Gerckens (Jonas Gerckens) – BEL: 9 points
2nd: Anastasia Kolesnichenko (Humphreys Conrad) – GBR: 10 points
3rd: Denis Lankin (Maria Naboka) – MON: 11 points
Melges 20 :
1st: Valentin Zavadnikov (Oleg Reps) – MON: 12 points
2nd: Alexander Mikhaylik (Alex Team) – RUS: 13 points
3rd: Anatoly Karachinsky (Path) – MON: 14 points
Onefly :
1st: Matisse Pacaud – FRA: 8 points
2nd: Nicolas Berenger – FRA: 15 points
3rd: Eliot Bourgeois – FRA: 15 points
Photo: J/70 courtesy Yacht Club of Monaco