Prince Albert and Med Donors’ Roundtable announce €57 million pledge to protect the Mediterranean Sea 

A conscientious group of philanthropic organisations that includes the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco have come together under the banner of the Med Donors’ Roundtable to pledge a massive €57 million towards marine conservation efforts in the Mediterranean Sea over the next five years. 

Monaco’s Prince Albert II was front and centre at the recent Our Ocean conference in Athens on 17th April, where he took to the stage to announce the landmark funding achievement attained by the Med Donors’ Roundtable. 

Along with his eponymous foundation, the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco (FPA2), the group of associations and organisations who have contributed to the major sum includes the likes of the Conservation Collective, Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund, Global Environment Facility, Oceans 5, Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy, Segré Foundation, Thalassa Foundation, The MedFund and Shark Conservation Fund, as well as numerous anonymous donors.  

Each has been inspired and motivated by Monaco’s ardent conservationist sovereign to join in with his cause of campaigning for widespread protections in the Mediterranean Sea. Prince Albert’s overarching goal is for 30% of the Mediterranean Sea to be protected by 2030. 

“Efforts to protect the Mediterranean Sea have grown over the years, but not fast enough,” he told his audience at the Our Ocean conference’s plenary session on ‘The Challenges and Solutions of the Mediterranean Countries’. “Last year, countries committed to achieving the global 30×30 target. Urgent action is needed at all levels if we are to meet this ambitious target. With this pledge, private and public donors call upon others to join the effort. We are committed to push for an effective 30% protection by 2030, including 10% strict protection.” 

According to the FPA2, a full €266 million in funding will be needed if Prince Albert’s ambitions are to be achieved in the Mediterranean. 

As it stands, just over 8% of the Mediterranean Sea currently has protected status, but regulations are often weak, if present at all. The FPA2 estimates that just 0.23% of the Mediterranean benefits from a fully protected status.  

“The Mediterranean region, renowned for its rich marine biodiversity and status as a global hotspot for endemic species, is facing mounting threats from climate change, pollution and unsustainable fishing practices,” reads a statement from the FPA2. “Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, the [Med Donors’ Roundtable] funders emphasise the need for decisive action to preserve the Mediterranean’s fragile ecosystems. This includes phasing out destructive activities like bottom trawling and strengthening the management of existing marine protected areas, such as the Pelagos Sanctuary, which constitutes nearly half of the region’s protected marine space.” 

Prince Albert II of Monaco was also present at the signing of an important partnership agreement between the Monk Seal Alliance, The MedFund and the Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA). Photo credit: Axel Bastello / Palais Princier de Monaco

While in the Greek capital for the Our Ocean conference, Prince Albert also attended an event that highlighted the work of the Monk Seal Alliance, an initiative co-founded by the Prince and his foundation back in 2019. 

It was announced at the event that the Monk Seal Alliance and The MedFund will be joining forces with the Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA) in a bid to strengthen conservation action locally in Greece.  

The collaboration will focus on efforts to support and bolster the powers of the National Marine Park of Alonnisos Northern Sporades, Greece’s largest marine protected area and a crucially important zone in the region for species such as the critically endangered Monk seal.  

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Photo credit: Axel Bastello / Palais Princier de Monaco