Prince Albert celebrates 66th birthday with Princess Charlene, twins and loyal Monegasques at Place du Palais

Prince Albert staring at Princess Charlene with their children beside them and a giant birthday cake at the Palace Square

Monaco’s Place du Palais came alive with a vibrant celebration for Prince Albert II’s 66th birthday on Thursday, marking a day of unity, tradition, and national pride among the Monegasque people.

Place du Palais became the epicentre of celebration for Prince Albert II’s 66th birthday on the morning of 14th March, drawing an impressive crowd of long-term residents, visitors, and enthusiastic supporters, all unified in their admiration for the Princely family. The air was filled with chants of “Bravo notre Prince!” as Prince Albert II, alongside Princess Charlene and their twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriela, greeted the crowd of people waving Monaco flags that bore ‘Bon Aniversari!’ – a Monegasque salute to Happy Birthday.

The presence of Princess Stephanie on a Palace balcony, accompanied by her son Louis Ducruet and his wife, Marie Ducruet, alongside Princess Caroline with her children, Pierre and Charlotte Casiraghi, added to the day’s grandeur.

The family’s unity was obvious as they collectively waved from the Palace balcony, before Prince Albert and his family descended to the Palace square to take part in the cutting of a beautifully tiered cake adorned with Monegasque symbols and the heartfelt inscription ‘Bon aniversari munsignu’.

The event was not just about festivity, it embodied a profound expression of national pride and the deep-rooted connection between the Monegasques and their sovereign family. A local resident, unable to contain their pride, told Monaco Life, “It’s days like these that remind us how proud we are of our Prince and the family’s dedication to our country.” The sentiment was echoed by another who had taken time off work to participate in the birthday celebration.

Even those from neighbouring regions, such as a supporter from Menton, felt a sense of familial duty to partake in the event, viewing it as “honouring a family tradition”.

As the Princely family mingled with the crowd, shaking hands and exchanging greetings with well-wishers, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of unity, tradition, and a spirit of national pride. The celebration was a demonstration of the bond between the Monegasques, the residents, and the visitors with their beloved Prince.

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Photo credits: Monaco Life