Prince Albert Foundation directs €200,000 to wildlife cohabitation projects

The FPA2, Prince Albert’s eponymous environmental foundation, has renewed its support for the Human-Wildlife Initiative, a cohabitation project it has been a founding partner of since 2020. 

Working alongside the French National Council for the Protection of Nature, the Alpes-Maritimes Chamber of Agriculture, the Alpes-Maritimes Hunting Federation and the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur League for the Protection of Birds, the FPA2 has backed dozens of projects across France that aim to improve the equilibrium between human activities and native species.  

From wolves to foxes and from bats to flamingos, the mission of each of these projects has been to facilitate better cohabitation between humans and wildlife via avenues such as adapted farming practices, agrotourism and awareness events in schools and wider public settings. 

On 3rd March, World Wildlife Day, the Human-Wildlife Initiative announced that it would, from 2024, be expanding into Spain thanks to a connection established via the FPA2’s Spanish branch. It was also revealed that discussions are underway to extend the group’s support to projects in Switzerland and Italy. 

The FPA2, for its part, has confirmed that a €200,000 fund has been established to provide financial aid to eight new projects in France and nine over the border in Spain.  

“This extension of the Initiative in Spain represents an important step towards promoting harmonious coexistence between wild fauna and human activities in Europe,” said the FPA2 via an official statement. 

To learn more about the Human-Wildlife Initiative, click here


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Photo source: Jeremy Hynes, Unsplash