Prince Albert II launches first Académie de la Mer training session of the summer

As Honorary President of the Académie de la Mer, Monaco’s Prince Albert II has formally opened the organisation’s first training session of the year at an event attended by the more than 40 ‘students’ who will participate in 2024’s inaugural course. 

On Monday 1st July, 40 of the participants aged between 21 and 63 who will form the Class of Rainier III gathered at Le Méridien Beach Plaza to listen to Prince Albert speak on his ambitions for the Académie de la Mer, as well as his personal mission to raise awareness about ocean conservation.  

These students, who represent around 30 countries from around the world and each have a background in law or human sciences, will receive tuition from 20 expert speakers over the next 10 days on topics ranging from marine environmental and security issues to international relations and geopolitics centered around seas and oceans, and maritime law.

The goal of the course, referred to as ‘The Sea at 360º’, is for students to understand the current issues facing the world’s seas and oceans through a multidisciplinary approach that will lead to a certification facilitating careers in tertiary professions in related industries and sectors.  

The course’s grand finale will come on 12th and 13th July, with two days of discussions on fishing, overfishing and their impacts on the state and health of the seas and oceans. 

For further information on the Académie de la Mer and its missions, click here. 


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Photo credit: Michael Alesi / Palais Princier de Monaco