Prince Albert II of Monaco tours future site of New York Climate Exchange  

prince albert climate exchange

Prince Albert II has visited the future residence of the New York Climate Exchange, a place that will be dedicated to finding social and practical solutions to the climate threats the world is facing.  

Prince Albert II’s interest in environmental causes goes far deeper than mere lip-service. A strong and vocal advocate for taking action in the face of the crises facing the planet both on land and at sea, he is well on the way to turning the Principality into an eco-model for the rest of the world to follow.  

As he is considered rather an expert in this realm, it is no surprise that he was invited as an honoured guest to the future venue of the New York Climate Exchange on Governors Island in New York City on 27th June.  

Prince Albert was accompanied by Justin Fincher, Vice President for Advancement and Executive Director of the Stony Brook Foundation, which is linked to Stony Brook University, the anchor institution for the Exchange. 

The Sovereign’s relationship with Stony Brook is not new. He was selected in 2022 as that year’s Stars of Stony Brook recipient for his dedication to sustainability and ocean preservation, joining other dignitaries as US President Joe Biden, actors Jane Fonda, Ed Harris, Julie Andrews and Alan Alda, and Nobel Laureate Chen Ning Yang in earning the accolade.  

“Visionary leadership”

“His Serene Highness is a world leader in ocean conservation, both through his foundation and in his work as the Sovereign Prince of the Principality of Monaco,” said Fincher. “His visionary leadership in the global fight against climate change aligns perfectly with the work we will be doing through the Exchange. We are honoured and grateful for his engagement and interest in our shared aspirations.” 

While on the tour, the Prince was also met by Kevin Reed, Associate Dean for Research and Associate Professor from the university’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, who explained that the initiative will address emerging and current challenges to the environment.  

“Students in the labs on Governors Island will have access to this coastline for hands-on research in ecology and coastal resilience, and will be able to help build future energy sources on the island,” Reed said. “We have an opportunity to put research already happening at Stony Brook on display and learn from it as we adapt technology through the Exchange.” 


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Photo credit of Prince Albert and Jeremy Fincher, Executive Director of Stony Brook Foundation: Gregory Shemitz