Prince Albert in Dolceacqua for twinning exhibition

Prince Albert II has inaugurated an exhibition in the Italian municipality of Dolceacqua as part of a twinning partnership that’s been well-received by Italian locals.

The Sovereign Prince, together with Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan and National Council President Brigitte Boccone-Pagès, took part in the official inauguration ‘500 Monaco Dolceacqua’ on Monday 22nd May.

Several official representatives of the two municipalities, including the Mayor of Dolceacqua, Fulvio Gazzola, were also present.

Hosted in the Château des Doria in Dolceacqua, the exhibition of photographs by Julien Spiewak traces the common history and the links that unite the Italian municipality and Monaco.

It was first unveiled at the Prince’s Palace in April.

Click on the gallery below to see more images from the ‘500 Monaco Dolceaqua’ exhibition inauguration. Photos credit: Axel Bastello, Prince’s Palace and Romain Fondacaro, Monaco National Council…


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