Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and twins join circus festivities at Palace Square

The Princely family joined an enthusiastic Monaco crowd for the Open Air Circus Show on Saturday celebrating the up and coming Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were joined by their twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella on Saturday for the festivities in Place du Palais, together with Princess Stephanie and her children.

The event celebrated its founder, the late Prince RainierIII, with a blend of traditional and modern circus acts.

It included a parade from the Big Top in Fontvielle to the Palace Square with decorated floats, horses, elephants, clowns and musicians.

The open air circus show in front of the Prince’s Palace saw a tightrope walker cross the palace square on an 80-metre long wire – 25 metres above the ground.

Afterwards a troupe of artists from the United States presented a flagship circus act – the flying trapeze under the Monaco sun.

The last time such a parade took place was in 2016 for the 40th anniversary of the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival.

The Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival will be held from 19th to 28th January in the Big Top at Fontvielle.

Photo credits: Frédéric Nebinger / Mika Alesi / Charly Gallo / Stéphane Danna



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