Prince Albert sends message of support to Israel after Hamas attacks

Prince Albert II of Monaco has spoken out on the attacks on Israel, calling on the people of the Mediterranean to unite and “keep these barbaric acts in check”.

The Israeli government has formally declared war and given the green light for “significant military steps” to retaliate against Hamas for its surprise attack on Saturday.

The death toll has now passed the 1,100 mark, with thousands wounded on each side. At least 700 people have reportedly been killed in Israel, a number not seen in the country in decades, and more than 400 have been killed in Gaza.

Meaenwhile, Hamas and a smaller Islamic Jihad group claimed to have taken captive more than 130 people from inside Israel and brought them into Gaza, saying they would be traded for the release of thousands of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel.

The captives are known to include soldiers and civilians, including women, children and older adults — mostly Israelis but also some people of other nationalities.

On Monday, Prince Albert II released a public statement to Israeli President Isaac Herzog, expressing his support for the State of Israel. It reads, “Mister President, I learned with horror of the terrorist attacks affecting your country and of which we deplore numerous victims, some cut down in their youth.

“My thoughts go out, in sadness and dismay, to the families of the missing people as well as those injured and taken hostage.

“I fervently hope that the people of the Mediterranean basin can unite around the values of peace, justice and respect, so that they can keep these barbaric acts in check.

I assure you and the Israeli people of our support and compassion in this cruel ordeal.”

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Photo credit: Taylor Brandon, Unsplash