Annual address: Prince Albert shares his thoughts on 2023

With solemnity and sincerity, Prince Albert has used his New Year address to stress the importance of “collective power” in the face of the many challenges that lie ahead for humanity.

The annual New Year address of Monaco’s Prince Albert II was released by the Palais Princier on the eve of 2023. The four-minute-long video was shot within the confines of the sovereign home and featured a dignified but pensive Prince as he spoke on a range of topics close to his heart. 

“2022 has been a year of tribulations for all those affected by war, oppression, violence and intolerance in our troubled world,” Prince Albert began. “The Princess and I offer them all our support, compassion and affection. Our thoughts are also with those afflicted by illness, or who have seen loved ones suffering, reminding us not just how fragile life is, but also how resilient we can be when faced with adversity. That is why, in 2023, we will continue to devote all our energy to the cause of peace, mutual acceptance and solidarity.”

Prince Albert touched briefly on what he described as a “protracted Covid-19 health crisis”, adding that the end of the pandemic “is now in sight”, before moving on to reaffirm his position as a champion of biodiversity conservation and protection on land and at sea, and called for “a world that is more respectful of nature”.

“For the sake of our children, we must imagine and fashion a reconciled, balanced world,” said the Prince. “It is my strong belief that each of us can play our part. We are all concerned, we are all capable [and] we each hold a piece of that collective power, which alone can change the world for the better.”

2023 is set to be an important year for the Principality, with several notable occasions and anniversaries due to take place over the next 12 months. 

First up are the national and municipal elections. Prince Albert spoke reverently on the ability of Monaco’s state leaders to promote action in the forward-thinking state, but was also keen to address the Principality’s responsibilities on the world stage. 

“2023 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Principality joining the United Nations and I want to reaffirm my strong belief in multilateralism and respect for our international commitments,” he explained. “The challenges we face today are global and require global responses: the climate and energy crises, the fight against terrorism, money laundering and corruption, the fight against famine, the struggle for gender equality… In this respect, our resolute commitment as part of the Council of Europe and the ongoing talks on closer relations with the European Union are crucial priorities for the future of our country.”

One particularly meaningful occasion in the coming year will be the centenary commemorations of the birth of Prince Albert’s father, Prince Rainier III (1923-2005). 

Referring proudly to his father and predecessor to the Monegasque throne as the “Builder Prince”, Prince Albert said, “He made Monaco a modern and dynamic constitutional monarchy, outward-looking and active on the international stage.”

“I know that I can count on the Monegasque community, our residents and our partners, to continue to reinvent our economic and social model,” he continued. “Tomorrow is not a vain word, but the future prospect of our common desire.”

The speech concludes with a heart-warming frame of Prince Albert and his family of Princess Charlene and their twin children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, in front of their beautifully gold and green themed Christmas tree.

“My family and I offer you our warmest wishes for 2023,” proffered the Prince, before the four gave a tri-lingual address in unison: “Bonne année, Happy New Year, Bon Anu Noeuv!”

Photo source: Palais Princier de Monaco/Facebook