Prince Rainier III’s legacy is retold in the Annales Monégasques of 2023

The 2023 edition of the Annales Monégasques, a commemorative journal put together by the Archives du Palais Princier at the end of each year, pays homage to the late Prince Rainier III through captivating insights from Monaco’s esteemed historians and treasured photographs of the great man himself.  

This production is the 47th to have been created over the years and its annual publication has become something to look forward to for many natives and residents of Monaco.  

The team at the Archives du Palais Princier who compile each edition of the Annales Monégasques. Photo credit: Loïc Repiquet / Archives du Palais Princier

This special edition features a collection of photographs and stories of key moments of Prince Rainier’s life, as well as the legacy he left on a place he reigned over for almost 56 years.  

^ Prince Rainier prepares to go diving off the coast of Corsica from his yacht, the famous Deo Juvante, in 1953. Photo credit: Cl. Fausto Picedi / A.P.M.

^ Prince Rainier is pictured at his desk in 1947, two years before he became the anointed ruler of Monaco. Photo credit: A.P.M.


^ An official portrait of the Prince from 1949, less than a year into his reign. Photo credit: A.P.M.

The Annales Monégasques is available in Monaco’s bookstores, newsstands and online. It costs €30 in print format and €10 for the PDF version. Click here for more information.  


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All photos appear in the 2023 edition of the Annales Monégasques, courtesy of the Archives du Palais Princier