Prince’s Foundation launches new magazine

The first edition of Impact, a digital magazine connecting people with the environment, has been published by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.
The aim of the new magazine is to enlighten people on the environmental challenges that directly impact lives.
It explains the actions being taken by the foundation and its partners to protect biodiversity and improve living conditions in local communities affected by climate change and other environmental factors.
“To take more effective action for our planet, we need to create connections between human societies and the landscapes, ecosystems and species that they depend on and are all too often overlooked,” says the Prince in his opening words at the start of the issue.
The 92-page periodical is visually stunning, with beautiful photography, easy-to-read graphs and charts to spotlight important points, and an appealing layout with the kind of in-depth reporting expected from a high-end glossy. The publication is in both English and French.
The Prince’s intent is clearly to get the word out to as many people as possible as well as to allow the voices of those working on the front lines to be heard.
“By giving a platform to environmental experts, stakeholders and thinkers, by highlighting the sometimes neglected aspects of protecting the planet, and by combining factual elements and innovative ideas, it aims to provide everyone with the tools to better understand our world, give it more meaning and in so doing protect it more effectively,” he says.
The first edition of Impact covers topics and events with environmental spins such as mobilising youth, climate-proof farming and marine plastic management. It has interviews with scientists and experts who give insights about their speciality subjects, and touches on how science and technology are helping in the fight against degradation.
Closer to home, it covers the Mediterranean’s noise pollution problem and names the winners of the 2020 Prince Albert II Foundation Awards.
Impact is written in both English and French and is available on the foundation’s website or by clicking here.