Princess Charlene suspends public duties

The Palace announced on Tuesday that Princess Charlene will not be able to attend National Day celebrations planned for 19th November due to a “state of deep general fatigue”.

Princess Charlene has had an extremely difficult year, health-wise. Her recent return from her native South Africa had given rise to a sentiment that she was fully recovered, but word from the Palace states otherwise.

In a press release issued Tuesday morning, it was revealed that Princess Charlene needs more time to recuperate from an ongoing severe ear, nose and throat infection.

“Their Serene Highnesses agreed together that a period of calm and rest was necessary for the good recovery of Princess Charlene’s health,” reads the Palace statement. “Her medical situation has been severely tested in recent months and a rest period of several weeks, which she has just started, will allow her to recover from a state of deep general fatigue.

“To preserve the tranquillity essential to improving her health, the Princess’ recovery location will remain strictly confidential. Given this situation, the Princely Couple announces that Princess Charlene will sadly not be participating in the National Day festivities alongside her family. As soon as her health permits, it will be with joy that the Princess will once again share moments of conviviality with the Monegasque people.

“During this transitional period, the Princely Couple asks that their private life and their family framework be respected.”

The Palace said that information on Princess Charlene’s recovery will be communicated to the public in the coming weeks ahead of the Christmas holidays.


Photo by Eric Mathon, Prince’s Palace

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