Princess Grace Hospital offers incentives for eco-friendly staff

Staff at Princess Grace Hospital are now being rewarded for going green. Workers will be given a bonus for using environmentally friendly modes of transport to get to work, such as bicycles and electric vehicles. As further incentive, the hospital will be installing new bike racks and are making vests available.


“We want to take care of our teams,” said Benoite de Sevelinges, the hospital’s director. “In recent years other bonuses were in place but we wanted to go further. Motivating, encouraging and above all ensuring the safety of the staff is essential.”

More and more staff are choosing eco-friendly transportation options and getting fit in the process. Many are opting to ride the 21km from Nice to Monaco and the trend is growing steadily.

Electric vehicles, including scooters, are also included in the scheme, as the spotlight on sustainability continues to be important in the Principality’s approach to the future.