Princess Grace Irish Library to host lecture by Patrick O’Sullivan Greene on Irish American legacy

The Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco is abuzz with anticipation as renowned Irish author Patrick O’Sullivan Greene is set to deliver a lecture that promises to be both enlightening and transformative. Titled ‘From Revolution to Royalty: The Making of an Irish American Princess’, the lecture will delve into the intricate tapestry of Irish American history and its profound impact on society.

At his upcoming lecture at the Princess Grace Irish Library, Patrick O’Sullivan Greene is set to explore the complex Irish-American identity through the lives of three influential figures: F. Scott Fitzgerald, who navigated cultural insecurities in his writing against an Anglo-Saxon-dominated backdrop; Judge Daniel F. Cohalan, who fought against stereotypes and reshaped the narrative of Irish contributions in America; and Jack Kelly, whose remarkable transformation from a bricklayer to an Olympian and millionaire symbolises the Irish-American dream, culminating in the royal legacy of his daughter, Grace Patricia Kelly. These trio’s stories poignantly encapsulate the struggles and triumphs of the Irish American experience.

Greene’s lecture is an immersive experience that promises to weave together these individual stories into a broader narrative of Irish American resilience and achievement. His recent book, ‘Revolution at the Waldorf: America and the Irish War of Independence’, will serve as a backdrop to this exploration, offering attendees a deeper understanding of the historical context.

The lecture will take place on 24th January starting at 7pm at the Princess Grace Irish Library, located at 9 rue Princess Marie-de-Lorraine. Online tickets are available now at: Lecture by Patrick O’Sullivan Greene – Irish author (in-person event) ( Normal ticket price is 10 euros and 5 euros for students.

Spring program at Princess Grace Irish Library

The lecture is part of the Prince Grace Irish Library’ early 2024 program, the theme of which is ‘A retrospective: 40 years of the Princess Grace Irish Library’. To view the full program, click here: Lectures | The Princess Grace Irish Library (

The Princess Grace Irish Library is supported by The Ireland Funds Monaco, which funds its Bursary programme. This programme, supporting Irish culture and education, will benefit author Flor MacCarthy in spring 2024.

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