Princess Grace Theatre unveils new season

The 2021-22 season of the Princess Grace Theatre has been revealed, with 30 events ranging from reinterpretations of the classics to more modern creations to spark the imagination.

The Princess Grace Theatre (TPG) recently unveiled their new season of theatrical offerings, which will feature “texts, authors and collaborations that are more than ever at the heart of the programming of the TPG. This new season deepens and develops these orientations.”

Under the patronage of Princess Stephanie, the theatre, which became the namesake of her late mother in December 1981, has a long history of entertaining the people of Monaco.

Opened in 1932 as the Théâtre des Beaux-Arts, the art-deco theatre was, for its time, state-of-the-art. It attracted the biggest French names of the era including Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier, Jean Debucourt, Lucien Callamand, Jean Worms, Madeleine Renaud and Edwige Feuillère with creations by Roger Martin du Gard and Sacha Guitry.

Over the years, the theatre lost its lustre, and Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III took the restoration of the grand old dame to task. On 17th December 1981, they inaugurated the renovated space, renaming it the Princess Grace Theatre.

Today, 40 years on, the theatre hosts music, entertainment and theatre offerings, some quite out the ordinary.

The season opens on 7th October with the classic Agatha Christie whodunnit The Mousetrap, followed by another story of murder, this one with a more comedic bent, called ‘Adieu Je Reste’ on 19th October. Depression-era woes come front and centre on 21st October, with a performance of John Steinbeck’s ‘Les Raisins de la Colère’. Rounding out the month on 28th October will be the tale of prodigious piano genius Clara Haskil, who as a small child was able to reproduce, with one finger, a complex Schumann melody she had heard her mother play, but wasn’t truly recognised until six decades later.  

In all, there will be 30 evenings of top-quality experiences that evoke emotion and entertain audiences. For a fill listing of the 2021-22 season programme, visit the Princess Grace Theatre website at

Photo: Françoise Gamerdinger, Director of the Princess Grace Theatre by Michael Alesi, Government Communication Department