Princess part of new global pledge to end AIDS inequalities

As the UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador, Princess Stephanie has addressed a high-level meeting on HIV/AIDS, titled ‘Ending inequalities and taking action to end AIDS by 2030’.
In a video message last week, Princess Stephanie called for lessons to be learned from the concomitant epidemics of HIV and Covid-19, in order to build stronger health systems. She welcomed the new UNAIDS global strategy which focuses on inequality reduction and prevention, in particular for key populations, and recalled the financial support that Monaco has been providing to the program for almost 25 years.
Princess Stephanie also spoke about her association, Fight Aids Monaco, and its commitment made in 2018 – ‘Towards Monaco without AIDS’ (Vers Monaco sans sida).
The high-level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on HIV/AIDS ended with the adoption of a Political Declaration, an ambitious text which sets new targets to be achieved by 2025.
World leaders agreed to reduce the annual number of new HIV infections to under 370,000 and AIDS-related deaths to 250 000, eliminate new HIV infections among children, end paediatric AIDS and eliminate all forms of HIV-related discrimination by 2025. They also committed to providing life-saving HIV treatment to 34 million people by 2025.
Monaco’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations New York Isabelle Picco chaired the meeting in her capacity as Vice-President of the current General Assembly.
Photo: Government Communication Department, DR