Principality to start trial of free buses for everyone

All buses within the Principality of Monaco will be free for a two-month period, beginning 3rd October, and depending on the success of the scheme, the change could become permanent. 

From 3rd October until 27th November, the government is testing the free bus scheme that, if successful, will be extended before being made permanent. The objective of the scheme is three-fold: decrease traffic within Monaco, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the quality of life of Monaco’s residents, visitors and commuters.

The National Council have described the move as “a responsible, ecological and economical approach”. They added that it, “incites motorists residing in the Principality to leave their cars at home, and instead favour green forms of transport when moving around the Principality.”

More than 49,000 cars take to the roads of the Principality on a daily basis, which not only generates a high level of congestion within Monaco, but also has negative effects upon the quality of life in the Principality, and the environment. The government is hoping to reduce traffic by 20%, and a key arm in this battle is making public transport the main way of moving around the Principality.

During this test period, the government will carry out surveys by asking public transport users their opinions on the Principality’s network in order to further improve the service.

The National Council has announced that should the scheme have the desired effect of reducing traffic and increasing public transport usage, they will call on the government to extend the measure with the aim of making free public transport permanent.



Photo source: Government Communication Department