Promoting women in the wine world

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the Meridien Beach Plaza will be hosting a special event focused on women in the world of wine.
The theme of ‘Women and Wine-Making Around the World’ will be explored in the Salon Atlantique of the Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel in Monaco on Sunday 8th March, as visitors have the chance to meet with and speak to wine and spirits experts from around the world.
Additionally, there will be the opportunity to get to know some of the preeminent women oenologists, sommeliers, buyers and journalists from the wine press, all whilst sampling some of this year’s most celebrated or award-winning wine and spirits, and tasting Chef Laurent Colin’s specially-prepared treats.
Cultural activities have been organised along with a prize draw in which proceeds will benefit Princess Stephanie’s association Fight AIDS Monaco. The charity works to help women who suffer with or have been affected by AIDS.
The association Le Grand Cordon d’Or de la Cuisine Française à Monaco, represented by President Gilles Brunner, will be present at the event. To mark the occasion, a number of international tasters, all women, will be inducted into this prestigious organisation.
Also expected are the Association Monégasque des Sommeliers represented by its President Dominique Milardi, and the Associazione Maestri Italiana Ristoranti ed Alberghi (AMIRA) of Monaco with its President Antonio Fochi, as well as members of the groups Femmes et Vins du Monde, Inter Concours du Monde, the Club de la Presse 83, professional and amateur artists, and international tasters and partner students.
The goals set out by the organisers are to help producers and distributors promote their products, give new consumers a chance to try different wines and spirits, and to promote the role of women who make their livings in the wine world.
Tickets for the event are €50 and available by reservation only. Included in the price are entry, a finger lunch and tastings. For more information go online to or call +33 6 98 37 72 72.